Friday, June 4, 2010

Well the start of winter arrived with some beautiful warm sunny days, with overnight and morning dew, the only indication of the change of seasons. I think the kids will be enjoying a swim on Bounty Day on Tuesday, which is usually the last swimming we do until late August or early September.

When I say, "we", I don't mean all of Norfolk stops swimming. There are some diehards that stay in the water all year round. They are inspirational.

Some real excitement to report though, with my business, Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage, which is situated in my house at Cascade. I put a deposit down on Solar Power package which is such an achievement. I planned this house out of "The Natural House Building Book" over 15 years ago and never thought that I would ever be able to afford to solar power it. Those of you visitors and locals who have been there for massage will know that it is quite a different house. I'm a bit of an outdoorsey girl and like to think I'm outside when I'm inside. It's an eco-friendly house really, lots of natural light, fresh air, recycled building materials and green scapes visible.

The grid connect solar will mean I can add more relaxing features to the massage retreat. In the near future I hope to add a hot tub for outdoors and spa bath for indoors. It's so exciting, part of a dream come true. The images I have included with this post are all taken wintertime on Norfolk Island for an exhibition curated by Gallery Guava titled, "Winter Beach". Hope you like them, cheers

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